Water Pumps

Water Pumps are ideal for farmers, builders, emergency flood pumping, basically anyone who needs to move water from one place to another quickly and efficiently. Generators4power offer two types of water pump. A normal water pump with a metal pump housing should only be used on freshwater and non corrosive liquids. A chemical water pump sometimes known as seawater, saltwater or fertiliser pump has a durable plastic pump housing. This pump housing resists corrosion and erosion that a metal pump housing would be unable to stand. Being powered by a petrol engine means that there is no electrical supply required, so use in remote rural areas is not a problem, there is also no risk of electrocution. If you need help choosing, please call 0845 505 3000. Generators4power stock a great range of petrol and diesel powered petrol water pumps and specialist pumps that pump industry chemicals such as salt sea water and liquid fertilisers.

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Hyundai DHYC50LE Water Pump
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