Full Framed Generators

Generators4Power offer a wide range of Full Framed heavy duty mostly petrol generators which are available on a quick delivery service. Full framed generators are mostly used on building and construction sites because of their durability and sturdyness. Full framed generators are well constructed to tolerate the building site environment but are still designed to be easily transported and stored( Please check dimensions before purchase). Many of the Generators that we have listed come with the option of two different electrical outputs, 110v or 230v. This means that you will always have a reliable power source where ever you are.

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Hyundai HY2800L-2 Petrol Generator
2.75 KVA Max Power
inc vat
Hyundai HY3400 HirePro Petrol Generator
3.40 KVA Max Power
inc vat
Hyundai HY9000LEK-2 Petrol Generator
9.40 KVA Max Power
inc vat
Hyundai HY10000LEK-2 Petrol Generator
10.00 KVA Max Power
inc vat
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